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How becoming a Utility Warehouse partner could help you and others save on bills this winter

Energy bills increase this winter

Millions of UK households’ energy bills are set to soar by over £100 a month from next spring, following Jeremy Hunt’s signalling of significant alternations to the government’s cost-of-living support package. So, from April the average annual electricity bill is set to go up to more than £4,000.

Meanwhile, many of us are just aiming to get through the coming winter and keep our homes warm while having enough left over to cover rising food costs.

At the start of October, again energy prices rose for millions, as a typical yearly bill climbed from £1,971 to £2,500. Even with the cushion of cost-of-living payments, prices are still double what they were last winter. And the squeeze is especially tight for those on pre-payment meters, i.e. those who pay for their energy as they consume it. (That’s because those who pay by direct debit typically build up credit over the warmer months which can then help fund higher bills in winter.)

Become a UW partner – and save money on bills this winter while helping others do the same

At Utility Warehouse, we guarantee people save money when they switch their utility bills to us, including energy, broadband and other regular outgoings, in one regular bundle. (The more services you take, the more you save.) What’s more, we don’t advertise; instead, we rely on our network of partners to recommend us to anyone they know via word of mouth.

Earn extra income as a UW partner

As a UW partner yourself, you could earn some much-needed extra income to help you pay off soaring bills throughout the winter. At the same time, you’d be helping others, including family and friends if you sign them up, to save money on their outgoings as well.

You will feel the greatest effect when you sign up as a customer yourself, and become able to take advantage of all that we offer. For example, as of this month we’re offering new and existing customers savings of up to £506 when they bundle together their energy with at least three others services. These include the UK’s lowest energy prices, at £125 less than the government’s Energy Price Guarantee.

If you bought these services separately, it would cost on average £3,522 – our bundle costs £3,066. Add a Utilities Warehouse cashback card and enjoy another £50 credit, plus 10% off selected retailers.

We’ve been saving our customers time, money and hassle for more than a quarter of a century. And in the last year alone, thousands of new customers have signed up. Meanwhile, shares in our parent company Telecom Plus, which trades as Utility Warehouse, leapt 17% recently after rocketing bills drove an influx of customers to our discount bundles.

You could save, too, as a customer and UW partner, while helping others through the cost-of-living crisis at the same time.
Find out more today about what we have to offer.


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