Protect your home and keep yourself covered with our building contents insurance

5* rated building contents insurance

We’re not just for mobile contracts, energy and broadband. We also offer five-star protection for the things that matter most to you with our outstanding insurance service, offering great peace of mind on everything from buildings and contents policies to boiler and home cover.

Home insurance

Sometimes, you have to expect the unexpected! Our comprehensive insurance for buildings and contents means we’ve got you covered. This allows you to enjoy your home with peace of mind, so that it remains the sanctuary it should be.

Eliminate the worry of a home without hot water or central heating and not being able to afford a new boiler with our utility warehouse boiler cover. Stay warm and toasty all winter long, especially against the backdrop of rising energy bills, with our deal including unlimited call-outs,  plus a 24/7 claims team.

UW Boiler and home insurance

Why should I use your building contents insurance cover?

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