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Rob Barras joined UW as a partner over 24 years ago by accident. Rob became a customer first and was so impressed with the savings and service that they offered, he then joined as a partner. Rob found UW simple to recommend to my friends and family and at the same time he was rewarded for the new business he brought to UW with up front commissions and other bonuses along the way.

As a highly motivated individual, Rob loved to help people save money on their bills, resolve their broadband issues, or give them advice and ideas on saving money. The best feeling ever is when you can help someone save money that they are financially better immediately. Saving those money on energy, broadband, phone and insurance bills and with extra savings opportunities with the UW cashback card. Some of Rob’s customers are so impressed, they have joined the team as partners as well.

It’s easy to do and its easy not to do.

Being your own boss is great, you can choose when to work or when not to work. You need to be disciplined and want to help people; it was a perfect fit for him.

In Rob’s spare time, he loves playing golf and spending time with his family and walking the dog. Rob is also the Chairman of a local charity. It works perfectly for those who want to earn some extra money, as a part-time role for the likes of mums, retirees, carers and firefighters.

So, if your passionate about helping others and you would like to be rewarded accordingly for your hard work, join our team by filling in the form below. 

Rob Barras, TrueSavings


Rob has been an authorised UW partner for more than 25 years

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