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Top 5 ways to avoid the energy price increase

The energy price increase is expected from April 1st 2022 and using the right energy and money-saving tips will ensure that the issue will not impact you as heavily as it could. The prices of energy are rising simply due to supply and demand across the global wholesale market.

With Utility Warehouse being the provider of True Savings, it means that if you are an existing customer, you will not be affected during your fixed period. You won’t need to do anything during the price increase. During the remaining months up until April 2022, when the energy prices will increase, our customers will be contacted and informed of the expected price increase.

It is good to know that Utility Warehouse offers customers on variable energy tariffs a guaranteed discount of up to 5% below the price cap set by the Government. Therefore, money-savings already kickstart by being a customer.

Seeing as all suppliers will be hit with the energy price increase, it is not possible to avoid the price increase as a whole. But, there are some ways to avoid the impact that the energy price increase can have. Here are the top 5 tips:

1 – Use less energy

Making small changes to your energy use can make a huge difference to the total you pay. Some simple ways to conserve energy and use less include:

  • Switching off standby. Leaving your plugged-in devices on standby can use up to £40 a year on the current energy pricing strategy.
  • Turn off your lights. Leaving your lights on can use a small yet considerable amount of energy, which could total around £14 each year.

2 – Get a smart meter

A smart meter will not reduce your energy consumption but it will help you monitor how much you use. Hence, you will be encouraged to be more conservative and make these small changes to see a difference in your energy bill.

3 – Benefit from our multi-service discount

When a customer signs up for multiple services at Utility Warehouse, we can offer great discounts, which can help lower your outgoings and contribute less towards your energy bills.

4 – Pay using Direct Debit

Paying monthly without a direct debit could be costing you more than you need to pay. Simply setting up a Direct Debit and paying using automated payments can help you save up to 10% on your energy bill.

5 – Refer A Friend

If you refer a friend, then you can get up to £50 each time. Should you refer one friend every six months, this could make a huge difference to how much you spend in total on your energy bill.

Using these 5 tips, you will be able to reduce your energy bill payments and essentially, avoid letting the energy price increase hit you after April 1st 2022. 

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