Work from home jobs for retired people

What are the benefits of part-time jobs for retired people?

The UK workforce is ageing, with more of us living longer and spending more years in the labour market. Age Concern, for example, says there are nearly 900,000 people in the UK working past the age of 64. So retirement stretches out much further than it once did, with life expectancy at record levels and many pensioners fitter and more physically active than previous generations were.

Meanwhile, the Office for National Statistics reports that the proportion of those aged 65 or older who still work has nearly doubled since records began. The same organisation’s figures show that more than 10% of this age group were in employment in the summer of 2016, compared with just over 5% in 1992.

At the same time, employers are increasingly acknowledging the cost to them of not making the most of older people’s invaluable skills, knowledge and experience. So days focused on the garden, golf course and bowls green are probably long-gone –  indeed, retirement is unlikely ever to be the same again.

For many who hit their mid-sixties and work beyond State Pension Age (SPA), doing so flexibly from home, and not toiling full-time, are key to their continued happiness. The pandemic has clearly made working from home a much bigger part of daily life for far more of us, across the age spectrum. But for those who have retired from a previous career, it can be a particularly realistic choice offering numerous benefits. 

Why get a part-time job if you’re retired:

  • Flexibility: Clearly, this a key advantage. Working part-time and from home, you won’t need to travel anywhere, cutting out ­commuting hours – a bonus if you no longer feel comfortable driving long distances. What’s more, part-time arrangements mean your week will include plenty of freedom for the hobbies or clubs you could never devote enough time to previously. You’ll also be able to enjoy being with family as much as you want, or, perhaps, look after grandchildren or your spouse or partner if that’s your situation.
  • Keep making money: It may be that your pension isn’t worth what you thought or can’t keep up with rises in living costs. Or perhaps your own parents are still around and care for them is expensive. Or maybe, for whatever reason, you weren’t able to make provision for old age when you were younger. Or maybe you just want some extra cash to be able to spoil the grandchildren or splash on the things you love like days out and holidays. Whatever your situation, a part-time from-home job boosts your income, tops up any savings you may have and gives you greater financial freedom to enjoy life without having to worry about money.
  • Feel the wellbeing benefits: All the research indicates that those who remain mentally active will feel real benefits in terms of their health and wellbeing. And as well as keeping the mind active, work is also a very social activity, even if you’re not physically present in a workplace. It means you will talk with people you wouldn’t otherwise come across.

Talk to True Savings

Enjoy complete control of your post-retirement life as a UW partner. Put in as many or as few hours as you want, at the most convenient times for you – including evenings and weekends if preferred. Work to suit your lifestyle and personal situation, and keep earning.

Remember, you’ll also be helping people to save money on regular household bills, and can earn more each time you sign up another UW partner. What’s more, the training period is not long, so we can get you stuck in and make money in no time.

Get in touch today to chat about a part-time, from-home post-retirement career that could just be absolutely right for you.

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