Work from home jobs for retired people

Part-time jobs for retired professionals at True Savings – what does the role really involve?

Part-time Jobs For Retired

If you thought ‘retirement’ involved a life of days on the golf course or bowls green, with perhaps a spot of gardening or the odd afternoon movie thrown in, think again.

The UK’s cost of living crisis has seen bills soar – one warning in May 2022 suggested that 40% could eventually be living in fuel poverty – meaning many of us are working well past retirement age to cover these expenses or help family members who may be struggling.

At the same time, the value of some pension pots has declined, making fewer people able to afford the luxury of a leisurely retirement. So it’s perhaps hardly surprising that one survey, by Fidelity International, found that more than half the nation’s adults are planning to work after reaching pensionable age. Equally, nearly half (45%) planned on continuing work after turning 70.

Other benefits of working

But it’s not just the money that keeps people working (and earning) into their late sixties and beyond. With more of us living and staying healthier for longer, fewer of us are ready to bring our working lives screeching to a halt the minute we hit 65.

As well as providing an income, work gives social and mental stimulation, plus an extra interest that keeps the brain active.

But, at the same time, if you’ve enjoyed a busy professional career, you may be looking to ditch the commute and working at full pelt after retirement age.

Part-time jobs for retired professionals offer the perfect balance between working at the pace you used to and stopping that side of life too abruptly.

What’s more, they give you plenty of times for the things you really enjoy, which may well include helping out with childcare for the grandkids, given that one recent figure claims UK grandparents save families £22bn a year in childcare costs. Or perhaps you want to volunteer for a local charity or pursue a hobby, whether that’s ballroom dancing or learning a new language?

What’s ‘retirement’? See what we have to offer

What we have on offer at True Savings could well be absolutely right for you. You can work at home, completing the number of hours of your choosing, at times that work around everything else in your life.

We provide training, and it’s brief, meaning you can start benefitting financially in no time. (Indeed, it’s perfectly possible to be all trained up and ready to start earning in days.)

Your mission is a simple one. Just urge others to reap the benefits of transferring standard household bills, such as mobile, insurance, broadband and energy, to Utility Warehouse as a single monthly payment.

It really couldn’t be simpler. And, crucially, you decide who you contact, as well as when and how.

Don’t worry if you think this sounds like a hard sales job – it really isn’t. You can always choose to work more organically and grow contacts that way. (We’ll show you how.) Nor is it pyramid selling, which in any event would be unlawful. And you won’t have to pay for equipment or anything else upfront.

Who can I contact?

Over the years, you’ve no doubt built up a range of contacts among neighbours, ex-colleagues, friends and those you may be in local groups with. So if you’re sociable, you’ll love life at True Savings. Just chat to your mates and tell them of the benefits of switching to UW. (Don’t worry if you’re not a social butterfly, though.)

The True Savings Quick Income Plan (QUIP) means you can bank as much as £370 whenever someone switches to UW and begins using our services. We also offer incentives for meeting specific targets, including weekends away and holidays. On top of that, you can make more money by recruiting UW Partners to do the same job as you, just as soon as you’ve gained some experience with us. The more partners you sign, the more money you make.

We also pay a residual income on what your introductions spend, which you keep if a minimum of three of your customers actively continue to use our services.

Our part-time jobs for retired professionals are highly flexible. Take a break from it whenever you like – we won’t ask you why. Finally, don’t forget; you work the hours you choose, giving you plenty of time to spend on other things while still earning money. So it could provide the perfect compromise between your previous full-time career and full retirement.

Contact us now for a starter pack and we’ll put you in touch with a mentor so you can begin your training online, and start earning an income in a way to suit you and your lifestyle very quickly.


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