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What is a UW Partner?

What is a Utility Warehouse partner?

People often ask us what it means to sign up as a Utility Warehouse (UW) partner, so here we dedicate a whole blog post to explaining it.

Put simply, a UW partner is a private individual who helps our customers save money on regular household bills – just by working a few hours each month. And there are currently more than 45,000 of them, each one of whom has a different reason for joining. Some simply want some extra spending money, others are keen to boost their pension pot or fund a passion project, whether that’s a special trip or a new car, boat or anything else. (Some may want to save to launch a new business.)

Essentially, the job of a partner (effectively an independent distributor) is to recommend the company’s services, and encourage and help people to make the switch to them. Customers then pay for regular services like gas, electricity, broadband, insurance and landline plus mobile phones in a simple monthly bundle comprising a single payment.

UW’s use of partners is a system which replaces traditional sales or advertising models, replacing these with good old-fashioned word of mouth and personal recommendations to build its network of some 650,000 customers, all of whom enjoy a number of other benefits as well.

Becoming a UW partner:

Training is very swift – if you put your mind to it, you can complete it in a day so that you can get working – and, most importantly, earning – right away.

One of the great things about being a UW partner is that it’s so flexible. Partners work as much or as little as they like, and at times to suit them, not their boss or anyone else. So it fits well around family life or any other commitments you may have. You enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.

A partner can be any age, and from any walk of life or background. But you’ll be joining a friendly community of like-minded individuals.

The rewards of partnership

Being a partner is as easy as having a chat to your friends, on the phone or online, and building your network of contacts from there. If someone switches to UW as a result of a chat with you, you could earn up to £250, £2,100 for signing up half a dozen and so on.

There are also other benefits you can pick up along the way, from hampers to holidays and city breaks, for recruiting particular numbers of customers.

And just as writers and musicians earn royalties for their work, you can continue to earn a residual sum for as long as a customer you’ve introduced stays with UW. Earn more and build your business by signing up other partners and establishing your own team.

But perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of all is that you work the hours you choose, changing them as you wish if your circumstances change.

Work from anywhere, and without any hefty start-up costs. You’ll have an established partner to mentor you from the outset, and be given everything you need to start earning as quickly as possible.
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