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Why switch utility bills supplier?

Autumn is well and truly here, meaning bonfires, darker nights and the latest season of Strictly, but also that lights and heating go on for longer as the temperature drops. Clearly, that’s especially the case now the clocks have gone back.

Of course, it’s widely known that switching energy supplier can get you a better deal, since most energy tariffs only last a year or so. Therefore, it makes sense to make the move if yours is coming to an end, especially if you feel you’re currently paying too much, or you’ve experienced poor customer service, or you want to buy all your energy from the same firm.

This year, people are mulling over their bills against a rather different backdrop. Wholesale prices are soaring for providers and, as a result, consumers. Companies are having to sell energy significantly below cost price, thanks to the energy price cap on standard variable tariffs. Numerous small and some medium-sized energy firms have collapsed, while more than three million households are going in to the coldest time of year owing money to their supplier. More than half (59%) say they’re concerned about how they will pay gas and electricity bills this winter.

So you may be wondering if it’s even worth switching provider, not least because the cheapest deals are changing all the time.

Here, we outline why we think you should.

Reasons for switching energy provider

1. To save money:

Bills can rise if your contract is up, you’re using more energy, or your supplier has upped its rates or underestimated your bill.

2. Your fixed energy tariff has ended:

Fixed tariffs rarely last more than a couple of years at most. You’ll need to switch or renegotiate your deal with your existing supplier to avoid being put back automatically on to a standard rate and paying more.

3. Poor customer service:

Customer service from energy companies can be variable to say the least. Making a switch is a good way to improve this.

4. You can get a better deal elsewhere:

Even if you are happy with your existing supplier, it’s still worth keeping your eye on the alternatives, to be sure you’re still getting the best possible value for your energy.

5. Inaccurate bills or payments:

If your payments or bills don’t make sense, are inaccurate or confusing, you could be forgiven for feeling frustrated very quickly. So, understandably, you may want to switch to enjoy a better service.

6. Sustainability:

Want to do more to cut your carbon footprint? Different firms have varied approaches to renewable energy. So you may want to switch to a more sustainable provider, having checked what they do to reduce their carbon emissions.

How TRUESAVINGS can help

At TRUESAVINGS, we’ll always beat the government’s energy calculation by up to 5%. While you’re a customer with us, you’ll always pay below the price cap. And if you’re concerned about the hassle involved, we understand that this puts a lot of people off. But don’t worry – we make it really easy to switch.

Remember, we work by allowing you to combine all your services, including energy, broadband, landline, mobile and insurance – in a single bill, freeing up money and time.

Take a closer look at what we offer, and start to enjoy guaranteed savings.

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