Work from home/part time jobs for mums

What are the benefits of working from home for mums?

In 2019 in the UK, three-quarters of mothers of dependent children worked – a figure that’s up from two-thirds in around 2000. And it compares with more than 90% of fathers in work.

Many parents need to change their working patterns to balance family life with employment commitments. Nearly a third of mums reported working fewer hours to help with childcare, as opposed to just one in 20 dads. (Source: Office for National Statistics.)

But although some six in 10 parents say they can vary their working day to care for their kids, and despite all the family-friendly legislation, women still bear the brunt when it comes to childcare, school runs and so on.

The pandemic has normalised working at home, at least some of the time, for so many of us. For single mums or those with younger offspring, it can be a particularly realistic and attractive option.

The reasons why work from home jobs for mums are ideal:

  • Ditch the commute: Not having to travel anywhere eliminates the need to travel, freeing up family time and saving you money on both transport and childcare costs and helping to improve your work-life balance. You could save cash on things like after-school or breakfast clubs as well as regular childminding expenses. (What’s more, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet at the same time.) The lack of a commute could also give you more time for other things, from cooking to hobbies or exercising, adding to your overall wellbeing.
  • Flexibility: Clearly, this a huge and obvious advantage. Stick a wash on or unload the dishwasher while you have a minute at lunchtime, stop to pick up the kids from school in the afternoon or put in a couple of hours in the evening when they’re in bed – the choice is yours, and you’ll feel a greater sense of control over your work and life as a whole.
  • Career progression: A survey conducted for the BBC last autumn found that more than half (56%) of women thought that working from home would help them progress at work, as childcare became less of a barrier to working full-time. A total of 65% of managers said they felt that home-working would help to boost women’s careers.
  • Geography becomes less relevant: If you live in an area where jobs tend to be harder to come by, remote working could be your ticket to fresh opportunities and potentially a higher income. It also means you don’t have to be trapped in low-paid work.
  • Spend more time where it matters: Be a part of your kids’ routines throughout the day – not just at the start and end of it. Be there when they get home from school and hear all about how their day went, take a lunch break with your toddler and enjoy quality time together.

Talk to True Savings

Take back control of your working life as a mum and UW partner. Put in the hours that suit you, at the most convenient times – including in the evenings or at weekends if that’s what you prefer. Want to work just a few hours a week because you have a new baby or are on maternity leave? Talk to us or view our working from home opportunities.

Remember, you’ll also be helping people to save money on their regular bills, and can earn more each time you bring another UW partner on board. What’s more, training is short and we can get you set up and earning in no time.

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